How to Turn Casual Dating into A Serious Relationship? - Part 1

Step 1. Make sure you really want a serious date

Ask yourself some questions: Do you want to have a serious relationship with this friend finder? Do you want to turn adult dating into a serious relationship? If the answers are positive, then it is worth to ensure this before moving to the next level. Take a step back and take some time to think about the following questions:

Am I having fun with this adult friend? When I was upset, did her/his company made me feel better? Do I feel uncomfortable when she/he date with other adult friend finders? Did she/he make my life happier? Do I want to share everything in my life with this person?

If a woman is too jealous of you or is picky about everything you do, it is better to keep away from her. Don't convince yourself that she is a good hookup partner, so she would be a good dating. Just this is not a good reason to establish a serious relationship with her. A healthy relationship is that you feel good and happy with one person.

Step 2. Avoid deep conversations

This may seem illogical, but the first advice of experts is to never start a "What are we?" It's like coming to a party, turning off the music, turning on the lights, and saying: "We are having a great time, aren't we?" When you have impulse to start a new relationship with this person, it is the time to take about it. Stopping checking this is a right to way to have romance date. Just let things develop in a nature way. Try to observe her/his behavior with you.

Does your nsa finder want to see you when she/he is free? Does she/he really care about what you say? Do your company make her/him happy? All of this may indicate that this adult friend is really interested in you. Therefore, just face the fact if your adult friend is into you and there is no need to worry how to turn it into serious date. When the chance comes around, you will know.

Step 3. Figure out the situation

If you two have been hooking up with each other for 6 months and this friend finder has not given you any hint to tell you about the next level of this relationship, you can check her/his response to your proposal. For example, you can ask them if they can hang out with your friends on weekend. At the same time, let them know that if they suddenly finds that they are not ready to do so, then it will change the current relationship. First, there must be active and open communication. If you are sure that you want to build a relationship with her, but do not know how to turn an adult hookup to a relationship, you can tell her directly. Explain why you want something serious with her. If she is not ready to answer your question, then postpone the conversation for a few weeks. However, if she insists on refusing to respond again and again, you should know what does she mean.