If there is a cute guy offering you one night hookup…

I am a person who honors serious relationship more than anything. I have never been into one night hookup before in my life, no kidding. Being in college hookup culture, I was the only one person who never tried one night dating in my dorm. They didn’t believe me at first, but after they knowing me, they do believe me now. However, my roommate always had a scheme---getting me into one hookup.

They tried many times. Taking me into bars, trying to drunk me, inviting me to parties with many single males, introducing me many hookup apps, but they never managed it. To be honest, I do want to try once, so when they proposed it, I agreed. But it has to be with the right person, whom I had feelings for. Maybe I would even develop a serious relationship with him even though it is supposed to be just tinder hookup. Maybe that is the reason I am able to hookup with him for starters. It is like a barrier set in my heart by myself. I convince myself that he might be my future boyfriend, so that I could lie with him for one night. But if I know that person is definitely never going to be my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have the emotion to be with him, even just kissing. I am strange, right? I think that is hardly a hookup if you are thinking about developing a relationship with the person you are hooking up with, but it is just how it works for me.

Anyway, I should tell you how my first one night hookup happened.

I was playing computer games with my roommate in our room with the door open. It was in summer and the weather was pretty hot. Without air conditioner, the only way to keep the temperature down was to letting the air coming through our room. Suddenly, a guy rush into our room, calling a girl’s name “Lily, I am looking for Lily. Is she here?” “No, we don’t know the name.” We answered with our head facing our computer. The game was on. “She is supposed to be here. We were going to meet tonight.” He said. We didn’t answer. We didn’t have to, because we already noticed the alcohol smell coming from him. He was pretty drunk. He sat himself in my bed. I decided to finish my game and them ask him out. He continued his explaining. He found her girlfriend was cheating on him with another guy and today, he got stood up by her again. He was going to break up with her.

I finished my game and when I looked back, he was lying in my bed in deep sleep. I could even heard him snoring. Looking at his face, I think I know how it feels when you love someone at the first sight. I don’t think it was love, but it was definitely feelings. I made a bold decision, I am going to keep him tonight. Just like that, he spent a night with me.