Several Facts of Transgender People You Should Know

Even though there are more and more reports on transgender people in social news, people's understanding of this group is still relatively lacking. If you think you don't know enough about this group, it doesn't matter much, because many people in the society are just the same as you. But it is annoying that there are a lot of false reports about this group, which always appear repeatedly and mislead many people, making it difficult for people to find out the truth on some issues about trans people. If you want to really understand this group, this article can help you to some extent.

What is the total number of transgender people in the UK at present?

In fact, the total number of transsexual people in the world is a very difficult figure, because there is no need to count the needs of transgender people in the census. Moreover, when doing some surveys for this group, it can't be used as a basis for statistics of trans population because the survey can't cover all ts people. As a result, Britain's total transsexual population is only an estimate: of all the population, about one percent are ts. That is to say, of the 60 million people in the UK, 600000 belong to this group. Here are the singles hookup apps.

Do all transgender people know their identity?

In fact, not all people know their true identity. Some people know the concept of denaturation when they are very young, some have such a consciousness when they are old, some can't recognize his real identity even in his life. That is to say, when a person shows that he is not suitable for his current sex and yearns for another gender, they may have the following performances. First, they clearly know that they live in the wrong body, and clearly know their ts identity. Second, at the beginning, they were skeptical of their ideas, and suffered from this gender inconsistency. However, in their later years, they are able to realize and accept their identity. The third is that they have not been able to find their true identity from the beginning to the end.

What is the current situation of ts people in the UK?

Transsexual people in Britain are facing great abuse, discrimination and unequal treatment in many aspects of their lives. Not only in Britain, but in many other countries, they have similar treatment. In the UK, more than half of them have been discriminated against, abused and bullied to varying degrees. Two fifths of people try to commit suicide because of all kinds of pressure. Nearly one eighth of ts have been personally attacked by colleagues or clients at work. This is the main reason why they are afraid to reveal their true identity.

This does not mean that all transgender people will experience these tragic experiences. There are still people with rich life, decent career and extensive interpersonal hookup relationships like cisgender people. However, these need them to have a stronger heart and perseverance.