Things You Need to do for a Successful Threesome Dating

Desperately thinking about having a couples dating with your wife or a girl friend? It’s time to ask her because you want to feel the experience of having a threesome as all your friends already done this and share their stories and now it’s your turn to share yours and experience a new feeling about having a threesome sex relationship with your wife or a girl friend. What if your wife isn’t ready for threesome or what you will do if she turns down your proposal for having a threesome because she is in fear of losing you? However, threesome isn’t really mean that you someone has lost interest in her regular dating partner but it is because you are looking to experience a new way to enjoy your sex life and add some extra spice and excitement to make your sex life more interesting.

What is successful threesome dating and how you can do a successful threesome dating with your wife or a girl friend. Asking for a threesome from your wife or a threesome isn’t that easy or somehow quite crucial or tricky that not everyone dares to ask from her wife or partner. However, there are few tricks that you can implement if you want a threesome life and really want to include your wife or a girl friend with your in a threesome. So, what are the things that you need to do for a threesome or what tips that you need to follow for a successive threesome dating? Here are few things that you need to do for a threesome –

Take tips from your friends that already done a successful threesome with their wife or a girl friend – if any of your friend or known had already a successful threesome than it’s a big plus. Take suggestions from them. This will certainly help you if you are looking for a threesome hookup.

Share your threesome desire and ask her sexual fantasy – each one has his/her sexual fantasy or desire. Try to know your wife or a girl friend’s sexual desire and fulfill her sexual desire before sharing yours fantasy about threesome with her.

Plan to watch erotic movies having lots of tinder threesome encounters – there are many movies that show threesome relationship. Make a list few of them and watch movies at night when you are intimating. But make sure that you are not sharing your fantasy for having a threesome right after the movie or in between the movie. Wait for the right moment that you can ask her for threesome.

Pretend to be a third person while going into a bed – when you both are spending a quality time in bed, pretend to be a third person and behave as well. Use dirty talks in between your intercourse.

Wait for perfect moment – give hint to her about your desires and ask her when you think that it’s a perfect time to ask from her about threesome. Tell her that it’s not because you don’t enjoying sex with her and looking for someone else. It’s because you want to explore your sexual experience.