What to do to Help Transgender People?

Help to increase the support and inclusiveness people have on transgender people, instead of just tolerance. Tolerance might be a good start, but we can do better. For instance, if someone is invited to your school to make a speech, try to add some topic about transgender rights. If your company is going to give financial support to some institution, try to consider transgender institution. If your community is going to publish some activities on social networks, try to include some transgender related activities as well.

Make some inclusive rules that contains transgender people. It takes time to change their mindset, but it will eventually become easier and better. Making non-discriminative policies can be very helpful in supporting transgender people and make sure there is a way to respond to those who continue to stand against transgender people.

Call the local authorities to thank their support to transgender people and when they are being unsupportive, give them strict criticism. No matter what you do, the point is make your voice heard and make them realize that there is still a group of people called transgender people who needs their support and care.

Make efforts in the country or state you are in on the laws that are against transgender people or laws that make it harder for transgender people to work, live, etc. Believe it or not, if you go deeper, you can notice that it is not so easy for transgender people to find job, find an apartment and education, etc. You can write them a letter or call them directly.

If you are able to change the status of medical system, healthcare, crisis countermeasures and other public service, make yourself useful. Educate people about how to respect transgender hookup people and how to interact with them properly.

Cooperate with the hospice locally to encourage them to take in transgender people who are homeless and have nowhere to go. Provide them a safe place to live.

Many transgender people committed suicide in the past decades. The number is quite shocking. It well indicates the living states and discrimination transgender people are faced with. Cooperate with the local psychological guidance institution and provide local transgender people with free psychotherapy.

Build up transgender support community and make it known by local transgender people. Encourage them to come and make friends with transgender people nearby. It can be very helpful if they have someone who are in the same situation to talk to.

Transgender people are from different countries, different ethnicities with different religion and age. There should be no distinguish between each transgender person. They are all the same, just as any other human-being in this world. They deserve to be treated with equal respect and kindness. Maybe you might encounter a transgender person and have a trans dating.