Save Our Marriage With The Help of 3rder

I knew my husband since we were kids. Back then, we were really cute and promised to marry each other when we grow up. Then, it came true and we got married when we graduated from our college. It was the most beautiful memory in my life to be together with him.

But after we have been together for years, things became uncontrollable between us. I had an affair with my boss. At first, I was reluctant to do that because I thought I loved my husband and I want to keep my family complete. However, I couldn’t resist his temptation and did things that I would regret with him. That day was the worst day in my life when my husband caught us in our home. My husband was supposed to come home the next day. But he finished his job and come home earlier. I was embarrassed and he didn’t get too angry about it. I always wondered why. Until one day I found that he had a fling with a girl from his work. When I brought those hotel and meal receipts to him, he admitted the truth.

Then, we knew it was the time that we should sit down together to talk about our future. Lucky for us, we both didn’t want to end our relationship like that. And we loved each other so much. So, we decided to move on together to cope with our problems. After a few months, he came to me and asked me if I was willing to find a girl for a 3 way. He convinced me that having a three way might strengthen our relationship and add spice to our sex life. And I said OK.

Then we started to look for ways to find someone for a three way. At first, we joined a threesome app named 3Somer. But those people we found were all far away from our city. And it was really uneasy to use with those useless features. So, we thought it might be better to switch to a new tinder for threesomes. And we found 3rder, an easy to use threesome hookup app for both kinky singles and couples to connect with each other. Indeed, 3rder is really easy to navigate and all its features are helpful. We can take full advantage of it to meet many like-minded single women to talk easily and quickly. We are trying our best to save our marriage and the process is fun and exciting with the help of 3rder.