Why You Can't Get Emails From Guys?

As a plus sized girl who want to find a guy to have a date, so you join a BBW dating app and hope to find the one you want. But unfortunately, no one connect you. You may start to complain about your body shape, and is that the real reason, of course no. Here are the real reasons of why guys don't reply your email.

They need more time to know what they want. You've been chatting with a guy for a few months and he suddenly disappeared. This is not mean he does

n't like you and be tired of you, he is in a mess now. In general, this is his self-doubt period. In this period, he don't know they want and need more time to reconsider himself. In order to protect you from being hurt, he choose to avoid you. So, instead of sending message to him, you'd better give him a private space.

Your message is out of style and less attractive. This is the main reason of men don't reply your email. If your words are out of style and without innovation, your hookup is dead. Guys will never notice you if your words are the same as the other women's, you need to make your email special and unusual. Try to write something interesting and humorous to attract his attention, and start the communication in a comfortable and easy way.

Stereotype. Men know the common characteristics and hobbies of women very well, such as shopping, pink color, handsome men and something else. So if you are always write something ordinary, how can you stand out from the crowd. Like most of people, men prefer to something new and special. You can write something about your hobbies, unforgettable experience and share your daily life with him. In a word, what you need to do is try your best to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Your photo. If there are a group of girls in your picture, you can never get a email from guys. For example, there are five girls in your picture, and no one knows who you are. This is one of the common mistakes on dating sites. You'd better choose a beautiful and charming single photograph, and it can increase your chances to meet a partner.

Be an intelligent girl. Your way of writing tells a lot about your personality and personal information. We cannot deny that appearance is very important, but intelligent girls are more attractive than others. So, you need to show your intelligence in your email. It's a good way to use some shorten words or fun status & emoticons in your email. Never write a cumbersome email, which includes a lot of words and without any attractions. If you want to stand out from crowd, you'd better write your email in a different way.

We all know it's not easy to attract guys on the BBW dating site, you should always ready to solve all kinds of problems. The above suggestions are very useful, if you are the one who cannot get emails from guys.